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-- a large section of the mississippi river has been closed off after the crash of a barge set off a major oil spill. the barge was carrying 80,000 gallons of crude when it crashed into a road bridge in the mississippi town of vicksburg. the spill has forced the delays of some 300 barges trying to pass through the mississippi, a vital waterway for u.s. goods. in brazil, four people of been detained for questioning in connection with the massive fire that killed over 231 people at a nightclub in santa maria. the blaze was set off by the pyrotechnics of a band performing on stage. the death toll was likely higher because the club only had one exit. the venue's owners and to members of the band are in custody. thousands of mourners gathered at a vigil for the fire victims monday night. >> i believe it is not just me but everyone in this world who has a heart has been affected by this fire. anyone his family, who has a friend are removed. i have nothing else say. >> in other news from brazil, a leader of the country's landless peasant movement has been killed in a targeted shooting. cicero gue
almost 90% in both alabama and mississippi. similarly in this cycle, romney won the presidency of the confederate states of america, a caring nine of the 11 rebel states. he achieved his high share of the white vote in the state with the largest percentage of black voters, mississippi. indeed, romney's strong national showing among white voters was almost exclusively driven by a stark support from southern voters. george w. bush got 62 million votes in the 2004 election and conservatives said he had a mandate. barack obama got 62 million votes in the two -- 2012 election, and conservatives started a secessionist movement. but the obama campaign took it to them and made a difference in the end. they helped create a new electorate, a coalition of concerned and they turned it out on election day. our two political parties are separate and not equal. the percentage of republicans who are white has remained fairly steady since 2000 at about 87%. the percentage of democrats who are white in contrast has dropped from 64% in 2000 to 55% now. independents have gone from 79% to 67% white
decades, parker is best known for spearheading the challenge to mississippi television station wlbt in the 1960's, which ultimately had its license revoked for attempting to squelch the voices of the civil- rights movement of the time. in a 2008 interview with "democracy now!" everett parker discussed his efforts to monitor racist television networks as founder of the office of communication of the united church of christ. >> i went down and i really looked at stations from new orleans to the east coast, and found it was a very bad situation. earlier teaching at yale, divinity school, i had developed a new way of monitoring television stations. >> reverend everett parker identified the kkk-backed wlbt as a frequent target of public complaints and fcc reprimands regarding its public service. he filed a petition to deny renewal with the fcc, initiating a process that eventually got the station's license revoked by a federal court. happy birthday today to everett parker who is 100 years old. those are some of the headlines. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace
sent him to be with family in money, mississippi. he was a sleep one night at his aunt and uncle's house when a white mob came in drag him out of bed and they lynched him read he ended up in the bottom of the tallahassee river. they said he will for whistled at a white woman. his mother taught him to whistle when he stuttered. when his body was dredged up and sent back to chicago, his mother said she wanted the casket open for the wake and funeral. she wanted the world to see the ravages of racism, the brutality of bigotry. she had something in port to teach all of the media. showed the pictures. show the images. that is where dr. west of union theological seminary began. >> tonight i won't take too much time. [indiscernible] my dear sister ended dearmamie till. august 19. you will recall what she said. i will pursue justice for the rest of my life. [applause] that is the tradition [indiscernible] when a, chicago, i think of the love trend that curtis mayfield was thinking about. are you ready to get on the train? that is why i gave brother lupe a hug and love ali so much. there
was in mississippi. i was fighting the good fight down there. but anyway, what happened was, we were all three nominated for this award. we understood we relieving under apartheid. and segregation and all of that. and that under such a system, which favored white people, she would get the award. we knew that. we decided before anybody, before anything was announced, we would not accept being right. we would not accept the racism implicit in in a war that would go to someone. she was a great poet, but it would go to her also because she was a white person. and to her immense credit, she had no desire to be honored as we would be dishonored. so we got together, audrey called in mississippi and we chatted about it and adrienne, so we decided we could only accept an award so suspicious -- so auspicious if we accepted it in the name of all women and indicate by that action that we understood that women were not honored in the arts and elsewhere. >> why write for children? >> i don't write for children. >> you don't? >> ii write. >> do you like them? what i like them as to and far between as i do ad
that an assault weapon. >> and the report says students in mississippi are being expelled and incarcerated for minor offenses due to harsh school policies that mainly affect youth of color. the report by groups including the aclu and naacp follows the filing of a justice department lawsuit alleging officials in meridian, mississippi have created a school to prison pipeline. sending students to juvenile detention for violations like flatulence or breaking the dress code. the report says a five-year old boy was escorted home in a police car for dress code violation. the school required black shoes, but his mother had tried to cover other colors on his shoes with black marker. researchers wrote -- the report comes as president obama is backing a plan to increase police officers in schools, a policy some fear could lead to even higher incarceration rates for students of color. to see our debate on armed guards in schools, go to democracynow.org. a former superintendent at a west virginia coal mine where an explosion killed 29 workers in 2010 has been sentenced to nearly two years in jail. gary
in jackson, mississippi, abortion rights advocates held a demonstration outside of the state's lone abortion clinic which has faced repeated threats of closure. a new poll coinciding with the fourth anniversary shows national support for abortion rights is at an all-time high. a record 70% of americans oppose overturning roe v wade, and for the first time on record, a majority now believes abortion should be legal in all or most cases. two people are in custody after a shooting left three wounded, one critically at a college campus near houston, texas. the incident at lone star college marked the third shooting at a u.s. school or college in the past two weeks. the 15-year-old boy that is accused of shooting dead five members of his family continued on his rampage before he was caught. griego is in custody for allegedly killing his parents and three siblings. each of the victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds. police say he was armed with several weapons, including an assault rifle, and had planned to shoot more victims at a local wal-mart. at least four people have been killed in the late
. tornadoes were reported in mississippi, georgia, indiana, and tennessee on wednesday. a freak occurrence for the month of january. the storms erupted after a cold front from the arctic region clashed with warm air from the gulf of mexico. in massachusetts, democrat john kerry bade farewell to the senate wednesday following his confirmation as the next secretary of state. he will replace hillary clinton on friday. the massachusetts governor patrick has tapped william cowan as john kerry's temporary replacement until a special election is held in june. with that appointment, this and will have to get african- american members for the first time ever. those are some of the headlines read. this is "democracy now!," democracynow.org, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman with juan gonzalez. >> welcome to all our listeners and viewers from around the country and around the world. today we look at what is been a major push a comprehensive immigration reform this week. on monday, a bar partisan group of senators announced a blueprint that includes a path to citizenship for some of the estima
Search Results 0 to 15 of about 16 (some duplicates have been removed)